Porto. Card - Official City Pass

All options of the Porto Card provide:

  • Free entrance for 11 museums

  • Discount up to 15% in 21 restaurants 

  • 50% discount on 8 museums, including Serralves, guided visit to Casa da Música and to the Stock Exchange Palace

  • 35% discount at SEA LIFE

  • Great discounts for over 100 points of interest: cruises on the Douro River, panoramic buses, restaurants, Port Wine cellars, shops, theme centres, nightlife and entertainment, tours in Porto, Douro and Minho, bicycle and car rental…

  • Offer of phone card loaded with 1,50€ when buying your Porto Card here and at the city’s Tourism Offices.

  • Leaflet with information

  • Official city map

Porto Card options including public transportation provide:

  • Free accesses and discounts

  • Unlimited access to public transportation withing the card’s validity period: metro, STCP’s network buses (all lines, all the way) and CP Porto - Comboios de Portugal’s urban trains, from Valongo to Espinh, as well as private transport operators – several bus lines (Valpi, Espírito Santo, Gondomarense, Maia Transportes, Resende, MGC, A. Nogueira da Costa and Auto Viação Pacense).




nlimited travel with the transport tickets Andante Tour 1 and 3 included in the options 1, 2, 3 and 4 days:

  • In the following periods of validity:
    • 1 day – unlimited travel by the transport operators associated with the Andante intermodal network during 24 consecutive hours, from the point of first validation. 
    • 2 days – unlimited travel by the transport operators associated with the Andante intermodal network during 48 hours (24 consecutive hours + 24 consecutive hours), from the point of first validation.  
    • 3 days – unlimited travel by the transport operators associated with the Andante intermodal network during 72 consecutive hours, from the point of first validation. 
    • 4 days – unlimited travel by the transport operators associated with the Andante intermodal network during 96 consecutive hours, from the point of first validation.  
  • On the following transport operators:
    • Porto Metro: all metro lines , over all of their lengths - A, B, C, D, E and F
    • STCP: the complete bus service network including the Z lines
    • CP Porto – Comboios de Portugal: Porto urban trains between Valongo and Espinho
    • RESENDE: line 105 Leça da Palmeira/S. João Hospital, line 107 Matosinhos (Mercado)/ Valongo (Train station) and line 111 Leça da Palmeira (Marshopping) / Faculties (S. João Hospital)
    • ESPÍRITO SANTO: Line 11 Lavadores / Porto (via Rei Ramiro), line 12 Canidelo-Lavadores / Porto (via Candal), line 13 Lavadores / Liceu (Sto. Ovídio), line 14 Afurada / Porto (via Candal), line 15 Paniceiro / Porto (via Coimbrões), line 16 Paniceiro / Porto (via Rei Ramiro), line 17 Chão Vermelho / Porto (via Coimbrões), line 18 Afurada/Porto (Boavista), line 22 Paniceiro / Liceu (Sto. Ovídio), line 26 Centro Histórico (Historical Centre), line 27 Alumiara / Porto (via Afurada), line 28 Paniceiro / Porto (via Lavadores), line 30 Figueira do Mato / Devesas, line 44 Laborim / Porto, line 60 Lavadores / Porto (via Coimbrões)
    • MAIA TRANSPORTES: Line 25 Praça do Município / Lombelho (Alfena)
    • VALPI BUS: Line 1 Milhundos/ Porto (Trindade) (via N15*), line 7 Milhundos / Porto (Trindade) (via A4*), line 67 Sobrado de Baixo / Porto (Trindade), line 81 Valongo / Porto (Campo 24 Agosto), line 89 Retorta / Porto (Trindade) and line 91 Sobrado de Cima / Matosinhos (Mercado), line V94 Bolhão / Campo - *Andante tickets from Pinheiro Manso
    • EMPRESA DE TRANSPORTES GONDOMARENSE (ETG): Line 1 Porto (Campanhã) / Gramido, line 10 Belói /Ervedosa, line 22 Porto (Campanhã) / Lagoa, line 33 Porto / Sobrado de Cima (Valongo), line 34 Porto / Terronhas**, line 35 Codiceira / Quinta das Lousas, line 36 Porto / Sobrado de Cima (via highways A3 and A4), line 37 Sobreira (Schools) / Valongo (Eleclerc)**, line 41 Bustelo / Porto (via highway and S. João Hospital)**, line 46 Gandra (Sobrado) / Porto (S. João Hospital), line 55 Bolhão / Baguim, line 68 Hosp. S. João / Gondomar, line 69 Bolhão / Seixo (via Costa), line 70 Bolhão / Ermesinde (Station), line 81 Baguim (EB 2/3) / Rio Tinto (Parque Nascente Shopping), line 82 Fânzeres(C. Saúde) / Souto (C. Saúde), line 83 Valbom / Valbom (round trip) - **Andante tickets from Póvoas
    • A. NOGUEIRA DA COSTA: Line 5 Maia (Metro) / Silva Escura (Schools)
    • MGC TRANSPORTES (OFR): Line 100 Vilar de Andorinho / Porto, line 109 Mosteiro / Porto
    • AUTO VIAÇÃO PACENSE: Valongo / Ribeiro (Alfena)





Terms and Conditions of use

  • The card is sold on a personal basis only and so cannot be shared with another person.

  • Its validity starts to count from the usage date to be written on the card.

  • It must be looked after without folding, damaging or getting wet.

  • It is not rechargeable.

  • The transport tickets for 1, 2, 3 and 4 days options must be validated in each mode of transport and each journey at the start of the trip, when you change line, and or mode of transport, scanning your card on the ticket validators in the stations or on the ticket validators at the entrance of the buses, in this case.

  • It gives free entrance and discounts only once and unlimited use of transport, during the card´s period of validity.

  • The unlimited transport doesn’t apply to trams.

  • To utilize the card discounts you must present the card before the payment of the transaction. 

  • In the case of sales, promotions or special discounts the associate entity is not obliged to give the Porto Card discount also. 

  • It is the right of the associate entity to decide if other cards and discount coupons are useable alongside the Porto Card.

  • For each total amount charged the Porto Card holder can benefit from the discount of one Porto Card only.

  • Losing your card, being deprived of it or not using it does not entitle you to any refund or replacement.

  • If you choose to buy online you can either pick up your card in one of the Porto Tourism Offices or quietly receive it at home.

  • Only online purchase: delay for free home delivery – 8 days after confirmation of payment.

  • Before visiting any museums, monuments or going to a restaurant, make sure that the site is not closed.

  • Take the Porto Card and respective guide with you to present to the associated affiliate on visiting. 

he customer is solely answerable to ATP - Associação de Turismo do Porto and/or any third parties, for their own, or for any third-party, use of the card. The customer undertakes to only use the card for the purposes set out in this contract and to do so in compliance with all the legal, regulatory or contractual provisions that may apply and that pertain to the use of the card and of its functionalities. The customer further agrees not to interfere with the card itself.

The customer may not distribute, place at the disposal of third parties, demonstrate, sell, provide, license or transfer the card to third parties, by any means or in any way.

The customer expressly agrees that the card that is the object of this contract be integrated into the card digitalisation, creation and management platform. The customer also understands that they may not access this platform by any means or in any way.

Filipe Araújo Ribeiro